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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How The Search Engines Scroll any Keyword

1] Crawler 
2] An index
3] A search interface

Crawler [A.K.A- Spider] : crawler is the search term of the web which work under the search engine. Its updated every site which come to his under and divided them in different category. The updating procedure continuously going on after some period. Under certain frequency crawled update site proportionally.

The Index : the index is the place where all the category and keywords of the site is get stored. When any person searches on the search engine the spider detect that keyword and make that site on the top.

Search Interface: the search interface search most unique contain and most visited data on the search engine. The algorithm also comes under the search term. Both make the combined result for the user. All the procedure go in the root words and every thin is very complex.


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