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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How to use social bookmarking to Promote your Website and YourOwn Site

To answer to this question was clear to everybody, should clarify what these social bookmarking sites and how they differ from browser bookmarks, installed on your own computer.

Many people familiar with the situation when he and reinstalling the operating system disappear all carefully collected and sorted addresses favorite sites. To restore them usually requires a huge amount of time.

No little trouble with bookmarks and change the browser delivers, and if they use several at a time, to deal with all the tabs easy.

If it is not possible use a computer at home, you need to address the Internet will have to look again and again.

To share your own collection of bookmarks with your friends, there will be the need for laborious manual work.

In order to rid the Internet users of these troubles with bookmarks and created the social bookmarking sites. 

So, social bookmarking - is a repository for bookmarks and whole pages of sites that you can access at any time and from any computer world and easily share your bookmarks with friends.

Additional benefits of social bookmarking:

In addition, services, social bookmarking , allow you to use access bookmarks of other users.

On Web sites, social bookmarking is possible association members in interest groups.

In order to quickly find the desired address or page, the system of division of bookmarks into categories, folders and labels.

The value of social bookmarking to promote your site

Number of sites on the Internet is a huge amount, their number reached 200 million. Create a website or blog can be lost in such an amount as a grain of sand in the vast desert.

How to make sure that it exists to know more people? One way, which is especially good at the initial stage - is the promotion through social bookmarks. Posting on social bookmarking sites link to a site or entire sections of the site with the most attractive information, you can greatly increase the number of visitors.

The main sites of social bookmarking registered tens of thousands of accounts and is constantly updated and the search engines give back every day hundreds of thousands of people.

The chances that a reference to the promoted website will see, and she is interested a lot of people are huge, so the promotion through social bookmarking effectively.

Services, social bookmarking , which are interesting for the promotion of around 100. To make each account, post links and still maintain, as necessary, will have to work on the computer day and night for months.

How to effectively use social bookmarking?

To facilitate the task of the users have set up special programs to take on this chore. They automatically generate mailing to selected social bookmarking sites .

One of the most popular - Broster.Net. Ease of service is obvious. It will reduce the time for the newsletter at the same time providing links to 12 major social bookmarking sites, and at VIP - account for 94 sites and will make automatic registration of accounts.

The result of this distribution will be an increase in traffic and the site of the very depths of the Internet will start to rise.


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