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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Seo Tips to Make your Website Faster in your comtiters

your website is not loading faster, they will not show interest to spend much time on your blog. They will simply close your site windows or hit the back button. So, it is very much necessary for you to speed up your blog or site. Also, you must know that search engines now give preference to those sites which open quickly rather than those who don’t open quickly. Here are the top five tips to make your site to open faster:

Reducing the Number of HTTP Requests: 

Every object on your page (like scripts, images, lines, etc) will have to make a round trip to the server when anyone wants to open your page. This can take few seconds and will make the loading time delayed. Hence it is very much necessary to reduce the number of object. You can also combine CSS files & scripts together.

Using Height & Width Tags: 

It is one of the most common mistakes that people tend to forget adding height and width tags to the images. Absence of these tags will prevent the browser from knowing the size of the image before it loads. If the browser knows the size of the image, it will reserve the place for it and will load other elements of the page. Hence the loading of the page will become faster.

Using Slashes on the Links: 

If you are including some links to other pages of your site, then you should include a slash symbol on the site (/) symbol. For instance, is better than It will help the server to know that you are linking to a directory page, hence it will be able to show up the page very quickly. This will reduce much loading time of your website.

Optimizing the CSS File:

 Most of the web pages are being designed with CSS nowadays; So it become very much necessary to aggregate the CSS and also to clean it. You can find lot of online tools helping you in this regard. For instance, you can make use of ‘CleanCSS’ online tool. This tool can merge similar kind of selectors and can remove useless properties. This will also help in removing the whitespace from the code.

Optimizing Images: 

While using image editing software, you should always opt the option ‘Save for the Web’. It is a known fact that heavy images will cause burden on the server and will make the website to open slowly. Optimized images or processed images will create lesser burden and will be able to make the website to open in a faster way. Hence, it is very much necessary to optimize the images, when you are uploading them to web i.e. to your blogs or websites.


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